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  • Release Your Mind Digital Coloring Book 2
  • Release Your Mind Digital Coloring Book 2
  • Release Your Mind Digital Coloring Book 2

Release Your Mind Digital Coloring Book 2

This adult coloring book is the 2nd in the Release Your Mind Digital Coloring Book Series! Just like the other book, this was made to help you release your mind.  

30 pages of uniquebeautifully designed printable pages made to help you release the stress in your life. Step out of your mind and into your creative zone.

This is a DIGITAL adult coloring book which means you receive your instantly and it is immediately available to download, print, and get to releasing your mind!


Working Towards A Solution.

The age range of those who suffer from mental illness that 3 million new cases are diagnosed each year. A staggering 76% are left undiagnosed due to the stigma associated with mental illness and/or the lack of resources to get the help they deserve.

K-Connect Will Change That. 

This program will serve to connect those in need with trained volunteers through a helpline available over phone and chat.

 K-Connect will become a worldwide resource for mental health in the K-World Community.

This is where you will make a difference in someone's life. 

Your support will save someone's life.

We are so grateful for your support that we want to give back to you doing your part in helping change the world.

We are looking to raise $50,000 USD through sales from our Autograph Clothing Collection to towards K-Connect.

When we reach our goal, we will be choosing TWO winners who purchase from our K-Pop Autograph Clothing Collection to go to the K-Pop Concert of their choice and we'll even buy an EXTRA ticket so that you can bring a friend!

We'll take it one step further...

If we raise all $300,000 USD within this timeframe, we will include travel and hotel accommodations! We know that you all can do it!

That means you can choose ANY K-Pop Concert in the WORLD to attend!

Here's How You Can Support and Earn A Chance To Win:


 15% of each sale from the K-Pop Autograph Clothing Collection will go towards K-CONNECT


 If you purchase the "K-Pop Is Good For The Seoul" Collection 20% from the sale of that item will go towards K-CONNECT


20% of The Release Your Mind Digital Coloring Book Sales will go towards K-CONNECT


Be sure to send us a picture of you with your items and you'll be added for an EXTRA entry into the contest!


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