3 Pack 3D Essence Face Mask
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Choose the set that will yield the results most beneficial to you! Use this a few times a week as a way to relax and also to keep your skin in tip top shape! Incorporate this into your beauty routine at least twice a week to see optimal results!

3D Mask-Ginseng:  Pale spot, anti-inflammatory, anti acne, moisturizing

3D Mask-Tomatoes: water, whitening, vitamin C supplement

3D Mask-Olives: shrink pores, whitening, increase elasticity

3D Mask-Potatoes: whitening, calm, balanced moisture

3D Mask-Mung bean: oil, balance skin moisture, acne

3D Mask-Honey: moisturizing, nourishing, vitamin anti allergy

3D Mask-Coenzyme Q10, vitamin supplements, moisturizing anti wrinkle:

3D Mask-Grain: whitening, moisturizing, detoxification

3D Mask-Collagen: firming skin, wrinkles, fine lines

3D Mask-Snail: moisturizing, pores, whitening, blemish