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K-World Helping Hand Project

    The K-World Helping Hand Project is a passion project very close to those who work at K-Drama Connection. We feel that there needs to be more resources available to those who struggle with mental illness. Significant strides have been made in de-stigmatizing those who suffer from mental illness but, there is still such a long way to go.

   The K-World Helping Hand Helpline is something that we always intended to create as an extension of K-Drama Connection further down the road, but we realized we could no longer wait after the unfortunate death of Kim Jonghyun on December 18th, 2017.

   Jonghyun was the lead vocal in SHINee, a South Korean K-Pop Group. He was a shining light in the industry and beloved by his family, friends, colleagues, and fans. He seemed to be someone that appeared to have it all, yet he felt so much pain. We know that there are so many people who suffering in the same way and we want to help. 

  We are creating The K-World Helping Hand Helpline for you. Yes, you. The one suffering in silence with so much pain, please hold on, we’re on our way to help.

  We want to make the K-World Helping Hand Line specifically tailored to fans of K-World but anyone will always be welcomed.


   Our Goal is $300,000 dollars in funds for the The K-World Helping Hand Helpline so that we are able to set up, run, and maintain the K-World Helping Hand Helpline for at least a year after it goes live in July 2018. After that, we will sustain The K-World Helping Hand Helpline through grants, donations, and dedicating a portion of revenue brought in by K-Drama Connection.


The raised funds will be used for:

  • Creating a multi phone line system that has 100 available lines for people to call in and speak to trained volunteers and professionals.                                                       
    • This phone service will be available worldwide and will be free.                          
    • These trained volunteers and professionals will be from all over the world and multi-lingual so that we can reach people in every possible corner of world.       
  • Upgrade KDramaConnection.com to have a support chat (this will be separate from order support) that will have the same purpose and will also be manned by trained volunteers and professionals.                                                                                         
    • This will allow more people to be helped at once and not be limited by phone calls and let those who are uncomfortable speaking on the phone to seek help too.                                                                                                                                                                             
  • The K-World Helping Hand Volunteer Training Program, a comprehensive training program created by a top professional in the psychology field.                                                             
    • This program will serve to train volunteers who offer their services for the K-World Help Hand Helpline so that they are properly equipped to handle the tough situations that they will come across.                                                                 
    • There will be a level tier for the types of calls/chats that volunteers will be based on the training that they complete from our training program. This was decided because our wonderful volunteers also need to be taken care of and make sure they are not put into situations that they are not comfortable with handling.                                                                                                                        
    • We know that the type of situations our trained volunteers will deal with our going to be very emotionally heavy, to make sure we take care of our volunteers, we will have a volunteer check in point, where trained volunteers will be required to speak with a professional once a month, for a short session to make sure they are doing well.


  • The K-World Helping Hand Program
    • We will work with top psychological professionals to create a program that will allow for those who are ready to take it a step further in their mental health recovery and enroll in a program that is specifically tailored to the individual’s needs so that they have a guided hand while getting better. This program will be online so that they’re able to continue in their daily lives while getting the assistance they need.                                                                                                       
    • We originally had hoped to open in July 2018 but as we've worked we realized that a project of this magnitude requires more time. This is why we are not rushing it. We have a new goal of being ready to open in October of 2018.          
    • Our goal for this program is to be able to offer it for free or as close to free as possible while still being able to cover the costs of running it. As more information is ready to be released about this program, we will update this page.

        Thank you for taking the time to read about The K-World Helping Hand Project and an even bigger thank you to those who support us in creating something that we truly believe will change the world. We will continue to update this page throughout our journey and we’re so excited to take you with us.

With Love,

K-Drama Connection