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How secure is my information?
  • Your credit card information is encrypted during transmission using secure socket layer (SSL) technology, which is widely used on the Internet for processing payments. Your credit card information is only used to complete the requested transaction and is not subsequently stored.
Do you deliver orders internationally?
  • We successfully ships many products worldwide each day. We have many happy customers in every corner of the globe.
How do I track my package?
  • If your order is going to the United States, you can check the tracking on USPS.com

Please note that USPS has updated how they show tracking details for internationally shipped orders. Make sure to check under Tracking History to see if the initial scan has been processed as it will not show in the top tracking chart until your package has reached the States.

  • If your order is shipping to any other country, you're able to check tracking on 17track.net

  • You can check on the status of your order at any time by emailing us at Orders@KDConnectionStore.com

    It's been a few days since I've received my shipping email and I still can't track it!
    • Keep calm! This is completely normal with our shipping process and we've built this time into our expected delivery time. Not all of our warehouses are in major cities within their countries. Due to this, it sometimes takes 4-5 business days for the packages to reach the main shipping hub in that country for it's first scan with the main carrier.

    • If your order goes without a scan for more than two weeks without a pick up scan please send us an email at Orders@KDConnectionstore.com with your order number and we'll check into this for you. Otherwise, please know that everything is okay with your order and we're working as quickly as possible to get it to you.

    How much is shipping?

    • Our standard US shipping cost starts at $4.95 and will change depending on the weight of items purchased..  On free promotional items shipping starts at $8.95 unless we're having a special promotion. If so then free promotional items may be shipped at $4.95 per item. 

    I placed an order and the final price showed one amount but in my bank account shows another!

    • 99% of the time this is due to currency conversion. K-Drama Connection orders process in USD and your confirmation will show the pricing in USD but your bank will convert your purchase into your country's currency. 


    • If you order is within the 1% where this is not the case, please send an email to Orders@KDConnectionStore.com with your order number and a brief description of the issue and someone from our customer care team will get back to you within 72 business hours.

    • While we provide the best pricing possible for our clients, we do reserve the right to cancel orders or alter quantity shipped if a pricing error occurs. 
    How long does it take for an order to ship and arrive?
    • Order processing time takes 1-7 business days before shipment. Holiday Time Processing for an order can take form 7-10 business days to ship. 


    • Delivery can vary and take 2-7 weeks. Delivery to the United States will take 2-5 weeks and the rest of the world takes 3-7 weeks depending on location and Customs. Please take into the account the amount of time your order will potentially take to get to you when ordering.

    • While we cannot expedite the time it takes for your order to arrive we're more than happy to provide updates whenever needed and keep an open line of communication with all our customers.

    • We use manufacturers all over the world to bring unique and specialty items to our customers, so not everything comes from the US. These items ship via USPS and all have tracking numbers. We mainly ship from our warehouses in Korea, China, The United States, and Malaysia but some packages can come directly from our partnering warehouses all over the world.


    •  So, please expect your items to be shipped separately (if you order more than one item) as different factories specialize in different areas of manufacturing. Our shop's currency is in USD though!
    I ordered something from the K-Pop Custom and Spoon Collection and it hasn't shipped yet!
    • Items ordered from this collection will likely not ship right away and will have about a three week wait for shipping due to popularity of the collection. Please be patient but if you do have a specific question about the collection please do email us and we'll be happy to answer.


    • *Please be advised* Canadian orders have recently been taking longer to deliver than usual due to Customs. Delivery can take up to 10 weeks, we are working Customs to reduce this timing.

    • If you're still not sure, just email us. We're happy to help.

    Can I cancel my order?

    • If you would like to cancel your order please send an email to Orders@KDConnectionStore.com with your order number and cancellation request.


    • If your order has already been prepared for shipment then it is no longer able to be cancelled but we do provide return options, please review our return policy for further details.
    I ordered 2+ items, but only received one... where's my order?
    • Since we print on demand and we have a large assortment of products not stocked in house, when you order multiple items at a time, they may be shipped separately. You may receive one item before the next. So don't panic if you don't receive all of your items at once…they are on the way. 
    Where do your other items come from?
    • K-Drama Connection source items from all over the world. Because while some of our items do come from right here is the US, there are many items that are simply not available stateside. To keep a diverse group of products you will love, we go far and wide to find the best manufacturers designing the coolest stuff. 

       Just email us at Support@KDConnectionStore.com and we'll get back to you within 72 business hours.