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About Us

K-Drama Connection was started by a K-World Fan who didn't see the type of community she wanted to be able to talk about her favorite K-Stars and K-Dramas. Sure, she saw plenty of news but what she didn't see was a lot of communities. So she decided to change that & K-Drama Connection was the result. ❤️


From discussing the latest K-Dramas, to reviewing the newest albums, and recommending the hottest K-Beauty products, K-Drama Connection has it all! We're always coming up with new ways to bring you closer to the world that we all love so much. 

Our mission is to not only bring you the best merchandise from K-World but to also educate and bring change into the world. We are incredible passionate about mental health! Mental health is a topic that is not talked about nearly enough and we have noticed that the lack of discussion is having devastating effects on both K-World and the world outside of it.

K-Drama Connection is constantly researching and working to bring mental health to the forefront including creating K-CONNECT, a program that provides mental health services and resources for those who need it. We have been working tirelessly on this program since December 2017 and we are so excited to release it to the world!

Looking for ways to support? Purchase any item from the K-Pop Autograph Clothing Collection, K-Pop is Good For The Seoul Clothing Collection, or the Release Your Mind Adult Digital Coloring Book and part of the proceeds to towards K-CONNECT.

 K-Drama Connection was created for you by one of you. We hope that you make K-Drama Connection your K-World Home. We're growing everyday and we only have you to thank! Thank you for being the BEST part of the K-Drama Connection Family and we look forward to serving you for all your K-World needs! ✨