Skin Food's Peach Sake Serum

Welcome to our first skincare review! As you can tell in the title, we will be reviewing the Skin Food's Peach Sake Pore Serum.

It's come in a cute 45 ml bottle that looks like, you guessed it, a bottle of sake! The top is made from plastic that is surrounded by cardboard paper to give it the overall sake bottle look. Because of its' size, it is small enough to be considered travel size which makes for easy packing. A lot of skincare products are big and bulky so when I come across a smaller product, I have an immediate appreciation for it. The bottle it comes in is made of glass. The glass isn't fragile, I may have dropped it a time..or five, but it is breakable.

When you remove the top of the bottle, the serum is distributed through a mini pump, that matches perfectly with the overall size of the bottle. And if you're anything like me, the top is easy to twist off and remove if you're angling to get that last little bit of serum from the bottom before moving onto a new bottle. smiling-face-with-open-mouth-and-smiling-eyes

I know you're likely saying right now, "Okay KD, but how is the actual PRODUCT?"

Our answer? We give it two thumbs up! This product is ideal if you have oily skin. The serum focuses on minimizing your pores, reducing oil, but still providing some moisture so that your skin doesn't over compensate. The serum is light when pumped onto your hands and you don't need more than two pumps to have enough for your entire face. It does have a fragrance, but it is light and pleasant.

This would be considered a "medium" texture serum. You can definitely feel it when you place it on your skin but it dries quickly. When it does dry, you can still feel it a little bit on your skin. It's the same feeling of when you put on a mattifier. This is how the serum tightens your pores (reducing the appearance, yay!) and keeps your skin from producing too much oil. If you're using this alone this may bother you, but if you're combining it with you skincare routine, you'll only notice it until you move onto the next step.

I should also mention that this matte feeling may cause drying depending on the season and where you live. If you find that this product is causing a lot of dryness in skin reduce the usage of the product to only where you tend to be really oily.

We're always looking for deals and when we find them we want to share them with you. This product tends to retail for about $16.00 is available here on the Skin Food site. They offer a 10% off for signing up for emails which you can use towards your purchase.

We did also locate it here on Amazon for $7.99. We purchased ours from Amazon but under a different seller, which is no longer listed. We had no issue with our product and Amazon is amazing with their customer service but we did want to provide the link for the actual company just in case anyone preferred going to the retailer.

We recommend you try it and once you do comment below and let us know your experience with it!

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